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On the interpersonal level, we help you resolve dysfunctions within team structures and create resilience.


Our goal is to improve your employee satisfaction, productivity and talent acquisition while reducing your churn rate.

We believe that good leadership is the key. Therefore, our offer is aimed first and foremost at managers. 

Key questions that we answer through this offer include: 

  • "How do I live my role model function?"

  • "How do I motivate?" 

  • "How do I communicate affectively at eye level in difficult situations?"

Whether you choose one of the options presented or need a customized solution, feel free to contact us for a brief, clarifying conversation. 

The Offer


Business conference

We impart knowledge on the fundamentals of communication and attitude. This includes communication/ interaction concepts, self-presentation, but also dealing with 'difficult' situations.


It is important for us to adapt to the specific needs of our customers, and thus to be able to resolve 'deficits' in a targeted manner during training.  

Upon completion of these modules, our clients should be able to apply these concepts in a basic way. 



We work with you in small groups or 1-to-1. In a reflexive approach, we think through and act out actions as well as ideas and transfer them to your real as well as ideal self-concept.


In coaching we define the content and the process together, but you remain in control at all times and can incorporate content (change the plot) or omit it.

Through realistic, accompanied exercises, the coachees are then fit to implement what they have learned.


Online counselling

The network of relationships in organizations is sometimes very complex, and it can happen that you lose your direction. 

In addition, it does not always appear reasonable to seek internal advice in such situations. 

We are happy to provide confidential assistance in questions of attitude and interpersonal relationships. 

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