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core Methods 

The methods behind your business processes can differ greatly based on stress levels, knowledge required, personal motivation but also based on the level of standardization. However, these backgrounds can also be barriers to good quality.


Methodological competence is often present, but frequently not universal. Therefore, we focus on the harmonization of your methods.


We create standardized sequences in templates or your in-house system for the use of your standard methods, e.g. in project management, risk management, market analysis or business context analysis, etc. 


Our toolbox includes a comprehensive mix of strategic design, decision-making, analysis and business-modelling. On demand, we create targeted e-learnings to deliver sustainable improvement.

The Offer

Standardized Sequences for high Quality results

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What is "Customer Segmentation", a "Value Chain Analysis", "Porter's 5 Forces" or "PEST Analysis"? 

An execution even by 2 skilled individuals will always be done differently. 

Together with you, we design ONE company-wide procedure that meets your quality requirements and delivers the desired results. 

e-learnings to deliver sustainable improvement


Large organizations, growing organizations, or organization with high fluctuation sometimes have the need to create learning materials for their methods. 

We are happy to support you in the production of targeted e-learning to ensure a sustainable knowledge transition. 

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