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core Management Systems

On the management system side, we enable you to generate organizational resilience by exploring the core of your organizational structures and processes with pin-point accuracy and removing barriers to the effectiveness of your business.

Our goal is to create sustainable productivity growth and positively impact your business results.

Management Systems Design

Understanding the Frame

Defining and providing the operational framework already has significant challenges. Especially when it comes to integrated management systems.


Appropriately defined roles & responsibilities, process specifications and more are the basis for the acceptance and success of the system.

Operating Model4_edited.png

Understanding Interactions

Within business processes, interactions occur at different levels (e.g., management and core processes), at different speeds (e.g., management requests vs. work handovers).


In addition, organizations are constantly changing entities (growth, demographics, mergers or new business areas, etc.).


The challenge is to create a structure that is adequately adapted to the capabilities of the workforce and also motivating. 

Capacity and Capability allocation according to Process Landscape

Understanding Capacities and Capabilities

However, it is often the details that need to be clarified. A lack of capacities and competencies, for example, lead to inadequate work results, errors, dangerous situations and ultimately to an unmotivated workforce. 

The challenge is to understand its processes sufficiently, in combination with the capabilities and capacities of one' s workforce, to identify emerging bottlenecks at an early stage. 

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Then let's talk about how we can support you in a meaningful way!
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